ProForm Olympic Rack and Bench


Improve your home strength workouts with the ProForm Olympic Bench and Rack XT! Includes a utility bench (adjusting to flat, incline and decline positions), an individual squat rack with adjustable uprights, leg developer and removable preacher pad.



Standing at an Olympic width, the ProForm Olympic Bench and Rack XT can be used as a stand-alone squat rack or a bench press station with the included utility bench. The uprights and safety spotters are both height adjustable, so you get all the safety and support you need during workouts. The independent utility bench offers flat, incline and decline positions for greater exercise variety, and includes a 6-foam leg developer with Olympic sleeve, removeable preacher pad and removeable curl yoke for additional arm exercises. Two integrated weight horns on the squat rack’s frame help you keep your weight training area organised and safe (Olympic weight plates sold separately).


Adjustable Uprights: change the height of the rack Olympic Width: compatible with 7ft Olympic Barbells Adjustable Safety Spotters: for the ideal racking positions and additional safety Independent Utility Bench: flat, incline and decline positions Preacher Pad: easily attaches to the front of the bench 6-Foam Leg Developer: target the legs for specific exercises; Olympic sleeve Weight Horns: store your Olympic weight plates safely Weight Capacity: 136 kg Product Dimensions: 190 x 120 x 158 cm Product Weight: 49 kg